16 Websites, which can help to boost business

16 Websites, which can help to boost business

Business professionals can find this list of these website very useful as with all these websites you can build your business network, get new business ideas, get help from experienced people , connect with various people around the world, sell your product & services & even hire people in other part of the world to get your work done.

All these website allows you to network with people & share information. These website will help you search entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from different part of world. Also you can actively participate & get updates of latest business happenings. Even People who are looking for jobs can network with business owner & get hired by them.

1. LinkedIn

It is the largest community of business professionals online. Here you can find CEO’s, CO’s, Director’s and many key business people listed here.


2. Xing

Xing provides with personal homepage & feature profile that will make you stay ahead from others. The job boards will help you with the hiring needs.


3. Jigsaw

On Jigsaw you will find business leads of global people which are collected, managed & organized. Jigsaw frequently update their database so you will get quality leads.


4. ZoomInfo

Its the right place to find right people. Recruiters, sales pros & marketing pros to find key people. It also contain information of companies as well.


5. Viadeo

Viadeo is similar to other network but it also provide with question & forum section where you can easily interact with different people.


6. Ecademy


7. Ning

Nings allows you to create your own social network or you can also join other networks as well. On Ning you can find large number of business network which you can join & communicate with other people.


8. Biznik

On Biznik you can write article, find or post events in your areas & can also join community based on your location to meet people in surrounding areas.


9. Ryze

Ryze is simple business networking website which provides with classified section where you can promote your services, find new events, join different network & many more things.


10. PartnerUp

It is another great website which provide you more then just business networking. On this website you can find partner, co-founder, you can also get your doubts answered, find spaces for business & you can even find small business owners.


11. Freelance Switch


12. Freelance Folder

Freelance folder is another great website similar to freelance switch, its also a blog, you can post jobs on this website for free. Forums & Job board features are similar to freelance switch site.


13. StartUp Nation

As the tagline of the website says by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is very true to the meaning here the site is divided into 4 that are community, marketplace & knowledge hub.Each of the categories have lots of sub category to help you in one way or other.


14. Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur provides you with business advice, business coaching, legal services, contest & many more other services.


15. Ziggs

On Ziggs you can network, communicate, post jobs, organize, join groups and market your self.


16.Perfect Business

On perfect business you can network with other entrepreneurs, launch & grow your business and also connect with other members through member’s directory.







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