Trafficpullz® Business E-mail Hosting

Let your email be stable, reliable and easy, so you can focus carefree on your core business.
Trafficpullz® business email hosting comes with all the necessary features that a good business e-mail hosting should possess. Hosted on our robust cloud email infrastructure with utmost security, the process involves simple and hassle-free steps to get started and set-up your personalized business email.

Business E-mail Hosting features

Easy Webmail

Our webmail client is designed in a way to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime, seamlessly. It even contains features like Address book, File storage, Calendar etc.

Flexible Storage Options

Upgrade your business email hosting storage anytime at your convenience. All it needs is 5GB of storage capacity.

Spam and Virus Protection

Our e-maili filtering ensures complete protection to your e-mail clients, and mails against any threats. Custom filters and e-mail rules options are also available for you to adjust your e-mail protection level.


Business email hosting supports over 13 languages, different time-zones and international format. Each user has the control to edit their local preferences.

Auto Response & Vacation Reply

Business e-mail comes with user controlled, auto-response and vacation reply option.

Mail Forwarding

You can setup auto e-mail forwarding

Price : 42 monthly/Email User

No-hardware or software costs

No upfront investment required. You only pay for the mailboxes you create.

In-house 24/7 support team

Let us worry about whitelisting and blacklist mitigation while you focus on your business.

Virtualized mailboxes

Use our cloud solution and free up your server space.

Secure data centres

We are committed to stringent security measures.

Easy deployment

With our turn-key product you will be up and running in no time.


Full mailboxes start at $0.50 per month*.