Hiring for a small business

Hiring for a small business

Hiring is a very important activity as part of growing your small business. The stakes are high as it’s costly to commit to an employee’s salary and benefits. Firing an employee can mean not only severance pay, but also time and resources devoted to finding a replacement. Thus, you have to ensure each new hire is driven, professional and a team player.
Typically entrepreneurs face questions regarding whom to hire, when and where to find suitable candidates.

The following tips should serve as guidelines when it comes to adding employees to your company:

1.To hire or outsource
The first step is to determine whether you really need to hire someone. Many services can be outsourced or done by free-lancers including accounting, manufacturing, web-site design, marketing and public relations. One can even hire administrative assistants on a “virtual” basis online. You can outsource tasks that don’t form the core of your business and that may not be needed regularly.

2.Define the role
When hiring, you must be very clear about the role. The responsibilities to be undertaken, the objectives of the role and the skills required. The job requirement to be posted on job portals should be clear, concise and descriptive. This clarity helps in attracting suitable candidates who meet the requirements. As a growing company, roles may have to be flexible, convey this to prospective candidates, so that they know what they are getting into. This reduces the risk of losing a good hire due to them not being prepared for the extra responsibilities.

3.Not everyone is the same
When hiring employees, understand that each person you meet and interview will have their own habits, mannerisms and ideas, which maybe different from yours. Be open to this -as long as their ideas and habits are not philosophically opposed to yours, which could create problems in working together. Evaluate candidates based on their suitability for the role, and the skills, talent and knowledge that they bring to the table, complementary to yours.

4.Go where the candidates are
Do a bit of research and figure out where the best candidates for your company can be found whether virtually or physically. For instance, going directly to colleges to hire is one to way to access a pool of talent. Don’t be shy to use your network of business contacts, friends and family to find candidates.

5.Make flexibility an option
If possible, offer flexible working hours. This is a simple, non-monetary yet effective way to attract talent. As long as goals are met and productivity doesn’t get hampered, offering the option to work remotely goes a long way in increasing employee satisfaction. You benefit too, as you spend that much less on infrastructure for the employee.

6.Get the best you can
Don’t settle till you find a good fit, as the cost of replacing a wrong hire is a lot more. It may take time and work, but consider it an investment into your company. Hiring great talent, means adding to your company in terms of skills, knowledge, contacts and culture.
You may be a small company but you can offer perks that the big corporate can’t. These could be flexibility in working hours, hands-on experience and training, opportunity to grow fast and be able to work without the hassle of paperwork. Highlight these benefits when advertising for recruitment.

7.Involve your team in the recruitment process
Your employees know your business in and out, so they would be a great source of fresh talent suitable for your company. Also, getting them involved in the process is a good idea as they can evaluate the candidates too. After all, they’re the ones who are going to be working with the person every day, so their input would be valuable.

8.Making the new hire feel welcome
Once the right candidate is hired and starts work, it is crucial to make them feel welcome. Give them a run-down of where things are and how things work in the office, and introduce them to the other members. This will make them feel comfortable and help them in getting settled into the new surrounding faster.

In a small business, each new member impacts the company in terms of their ideas, beliefs and culture. It’s important to find the right fit for long-term association. So, spend time and effort by following these tips and ensure you hire the best candidate for your company.

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