How to get more visitors to your website, for free!

How to get more visitors to your website, for free!

One of the critical problems faced by internet businesses is lack of visitors to their website. The following free and easy tips should help address the issue.

1.Make your website SEO friendly, for Google and more

One of the best, but most difficult ways to attract visitors for free is through search engines. A website that is optimised for search has a much higher chance of being in the top position in a Google search. This is a great source of free traffic, as Google holds more than 70% of the search engine market share. To ensure that you are website is optimised for SEO, conduct an SEO audit. Your website really needs to stand out in terms of both content and SEO, to beat competition.

Other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are also a good option for getting free traffic. Register your website with Bing websmaster tools, the process is much like Google webmaster tools. Also, being active on Facebook and Twitter helps in boosting your search ranking, as Yahoo and Bing take into account (in their ranking algorithm) the number of Facebook likes, and Tweets.

2.Website for mobiles

The increasing use of mobiles for internet based activity demands that you create a version of your website that is smartphone/tablet friendly. This way you ensure that you don’t turn away any visitors on account of having a website that isn’t optimized for a mobile device.

3.Create an App

There are over 1 million new android users every day. This signifies immense potential in terms of traffic. To exploit this potential, create an app and publish it to the Google Play store for the many android users to download, and visit your website. Similarly, create an app for Amazon’s appstore and publish it there as well.

4.Add your website to the Chrome web store

The Chrome web store is a great source of free traffic, still not too many people take advantage of it. It is very easy to add your website to the Chrome Store and the traffic you can get is free , immediate and continuous.

5.Guest articles on high-traffic websites

Posting content as a guest author on other relevant websites is another way of directing traffic to yours. A trusted website in your niche which has many visitors will prove to be a good source of traffic, as you establish yourself as a credible author and post content that is of interest to the visitors.

6.Quality Content

Post content that is fresh and relevant to your readers on a regular basis. New and quality content can get you more free traffic either through more loyal visitors (people will come back to check if you have published new content), more social media mentions or more organic visits (search engines will crawl your website more often).

7.Make use of Social media

Social media platforms are getting popular day by day, so you should make optimum use of them. The best social media platforms in terms of traffic are believed to be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Make sure to have a presence on these channels. You may require some time to figure out how each platform works and how best to use them, but they are proven ways to get visitors to your website for free.

8.Post on is a website that allows users to upload and share presentations. An interesting and relevant presentation is bound to get a lot of views as Slideshare has a lot of traffic. Not a long way from views to visitors to your website. It’s easy and free to create an account on Slideshare.

These are just a few ways to boost traffic to your website that don’t cost anything but are quite effective.

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