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With our cloud office e-mail, you will have e-mail, calendar, contacts, file sharing and editing- everything on your device. Never run out of space with our 25GB mailbox and utilize extra storage 

Why Trafficpullz® Cloud Office Email


Our filtering solution is designed to facilitate seamless communication among legitimate users while removing spam and viruses with 99% accuracy.


You won’t run out of space with our 25GB mailbox and you can send and receive e-mails up to 50MB in size. This upper limit will definitely let you easily share your most important documents externally.


We will help you move your domains, users and e-mail data with no downtime, no lost or delayed e-mails and free of charge.


Your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption to ensure its total safety. SSL & TLS protocols are also available and you can activate two factor authentications for increased security.



Our multi-layered backup system keeps your data safe for up to one month. We archive every message of every folder in case you accidentally erase something important.



Collaborating with your team has never been easier. Share e-mails, calendars, tasks, notes & files. Assign the users to separate groups and further control their level of access.



Each account is assigned with up to 15GB of storage space as its personal drive in the cloud. Data on the web drive can be shared with other users also allows for document editing & version control.



With a minimum of 5 e-mail accounts, you get free website hosting for your business, 1 GB of disk space for your website with modern and easy to use cPanel along with easy WordPress installation.

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Frequently asked questions

By purchasing an Cloud-Office Email package you take advantage of our advanced email technology, to give you the least latency and industry best uptime, scalability and reliability. An email service being served out of the cloud also means no IT hardware, software, bandwidth or people costs, and a simple pay-as-you-grow model.

Cloud Office Email supports a number of features that aren’t available in a typical personal email. Cloud based storage, more storage, advanced security & filtering, global contacts, shared document management, shared task management, push synchronization for mobile devices, MS Outlook & Mac OSX.

Your email can be accessed using any Smartphone or Tablet. Our responsive webmail, is compatible on all major Operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.
Each email account comes with 25 GB space dedicated to email space which is upgradable up to 1 TB of size virtually allowing you to store all-most any number of emails.
Yes, you can. An auto-responder is a program that, when setup for your email address, sends out an automatic pre-set reply to an email, as soon as it is received at this email address. To set up an Auto Responder, please refer to the following KnowledgeBase article.
You can send and receive emails using any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage 2004, Windows Mail, etc. We also have a guide on how you can configure different email clients to send/receive emails. The enterprise email product supports the POP, IMAP and MAPI protocols.
To access your Webmail Interface, you can use the white-labelled URL: Once on the login page, you would need to login with your email address and the corresponding password.
Usually, the port used for the Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP Service is 25. However, there might be a situation where your ISP might be blocking the use of port 25 for SMTP service. To circumvent this you can use an alternate port 587 for sending mails.
Unlike any other service provider, we do not scan your data. We do not display any targeted advertisement in your email box. Data you store on server is absolutely secure compliance with best in class security standards. All of above, we maintain 3 level of data backup, which ensure you do not loose any stored data. Our restore option available through control panel allows to recover deleted emails and email box up-to 14 days ensuring complete control over data.
We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. “Safe lists”, purchased lists, and selling of lists will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.