Blog writing offers you the independence to create account, according to your own choice. In 2018, it’s important to know how to write a successful blog article. If your blog posts are written properly, they can help drive valuable traffic to one’s website.This is because knowing how to write a successful blog article can help build trust with customers, improve keyword rankings, generate leads, educate consumers, and even build better brand awareness.

What makes a blog content perfect?

A perfect blog content is all about the quality. While writing a blog post you need to achieve both technical and creative qualities. So, if you desire to write a successful blog article in 2018, choose valuable and relevant concepts and present them in the best possible format. This will impress your readers as well as the search engines.

Tips for writing a successful blog article in 2018

Provide useful and Informative Content

The main purpose of a blog article should be to inform the reader about your business, product, services or industry. Providing useful and informative content will readers to find value in what you have to say, while also helping build a high level of trust with your target audience. While writing a blog, make sure that the content is unique to your website, as copying and pasting from other websites can result in Google interpreting as duplicate content.

Add Internal Links

To enhance and deepen the overall value of the website, add internal links from your blog article to other pages or post on the company website. While linking to other pages or posts, it is important to link to other information that is relevant to the article topic in order to bolster the authority to both pages.  While linking make sure that the anchor text is keyword optimized and appropriate for the landing page.

Create a logical structure

While writing a blog create a logical structure which will help you to communicate a concept or idea in a clear and concise way, making it easy for readers to follow along. Use headings, subheadings, paragraph breaks, images and videos when applicable. Adding items like a bulleted list or two can help provide a flow for the reader that is easy to read and digest.

Use a Strong Call-to-Call action

Make sure that your blog article has a strong call-to-call action at the end that invites readers to engage further with the website or company. It is extremely important to ensure that you are telling the reader exactly what you want them to do next.

Optimize Content for Search Engines

To make your blog article rank higher on search engines is by following basic SEO rules. Including the following items will help to maximize your articles performance potential on search engines:

  • Keyword optimized title
  • Keyword-relevant URL
  • High-quality images with ALT tags
  • Embedded video if applicable
  • LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing)
  • Keyword optimized meta title tag
  • Engaging meta description tag with a call-to-action

How to start writing a blog in 5 steps:

  • Choose a great blog platform
  • Choose a web host for your blog
  • How to set up a blog on your own domain
  • Design your new blog
  • Useful resources for blogging